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Thirty years ago the Regulations regarding the manufacturing, packaging and selling of Dangerous Goods were almost nonexistent. It was common to sell filled wine bottles with the word TURPS written in ink down the side. As the Regulations began to tighten, TMK Packers Ltd was established in 1979 to provide retailers with wholesale chemical and solvent products which were compliant, safe and competitively priced. It has been the same ever since.

Starting with just three products - Turpentine, Methylated Spirits, and Kerosene (TMK), we now sell over 40 chemicals and solvents “from Acetone to Xylene”, packed in sizes from 250ml to 1000 litres. We have bulk chemicals handling and storage facilities in Auckland where we are also able to contract pack chemicals and provide solvent blending services.

I well remember supplying our first order - 10 x 20 litre Methylated Spirits to Tingeys in Newmarket over 30 years ago. We now are solvent suppliers to over 2000 customers ranging from smaller end users to large manufactures and nationwide retail chains. We supply supermarkets, hardware stores, print supply groups, printers, retail, schools and both light and heavy industrial businesses throughout New Zealand. We are also nationwide chemical distributors for a number products.

Apart from using the services of a local agent in the Waikato a few years ago, TMK has never employed sales staff. Instead we have relied on a quality chemical supply, competitive pricing, impeccable service, a faster delivery time, and word of mouth advertising to promote our products and company. In the end, that’s what sells.

We would like the opportunity to provide you with the same level of customer satisfaction that has seen us receiving a number of Best Supplier Awards. We pride ourselves on our commitment to serve. So whether you want to buy chemicals or find out who sells or where to buy the chemicals you’re looking for, we can help!


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