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Eagle Wire


Eagle Wire Products Limited was established in Newmarket, Auckland in 1954. The manufacturing focus was on display wire stands and small run wire fabrication work. In 1971 the company was acquired by PKR, a subsidiary of Cyclone Manufacturing Industries Ltd, which was owned by Steel & Tube Ltd. The new owners relocated the company to Otahuhu and made the first significant investment in new plant, which was cut and straightening equipment. This investment enabled the company to broaden its customer base and product range.

In 1984 Fletcher Challenge Ltd acquired Cyclone and therefore Eagle Wire Products. The new owners relocated the business again and established the company as a separate entity away from the umbrella of PKR. The new company relocated to East Tamaki and invested heavily in new plant, including a range of multi-slide equipment, which resulted in Eagle Wire becoming the second largest wire and tube fabrication plant in New Zealand. The customer base continued to expand rapidly, as did the product range, into a wide range of wire componentry products.

In 1989 Eagle Wire Products moved back into private ownership. The company acquired the Blind Institute wire plant in 1992 which added a new wide range of wire component products, including paper clips, wire coat hangers and brick ties. In 1994 Eagle Wire Products acquired the balance of the wire fabrication business from Cyclone.

Substantial sums of capital have been invested in new plant by the current owners over the last decade to place Eagle Wire Products at the forefront of wire forming technology in New Zealand. This gives the company a very real competitive advantage in pricing and quality in the wire forming industry.

In 2013, Eagle Wire was purchased by Kerry Granich, Ealge Wire Products 2013 Ltd. The staff in the company have vast experience in a wide variety of wire and steel products.


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