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Alltrade Tools NZ Ltd



Alltrade Tools LLC is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of tools and shop equipment. Founded in 1979, the Long Beach, California based firm is privately held, with global manufacturing and sales facilities serving customers on every continent. The company’s mission statement: Alltrade designs, markets and supplies tools and shop equipment that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, service and value, while achieving profits to ensure the Company’s and its employees’ future growth and development. Alltrade offers our customers innovation, flexibility and speed to market..

Powerbuilt ®


Powerbuilt® is the premier tool and equipment brand marketed by Alltrade® Inc for the American and world-wide market. Powerbuilt® is distributed through out New Zealand by Alltrade Tools NZ (2016) Limited, for the last 25+ years.

The Powerbuilt® product line has been painstakingly developed and refined by Alltrades R & D Special product development teams, to ensure each and every product meets or exceeds The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard.

Powerbuilt® hand tools are trusted and used by millions of serious D.I.Y, Trade and Industrial people all around the world every day.

Powerbuilt® hand tools are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacture flaws and defects. Warranty does not cover wear and tear, misuse or abuse. For more on warranty see our warranty page.


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